Remote Index Replication

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There are at least 2 computers. One is indexing server, the other(s) is searching server.

How does it work?

Whenever an indexing process is finished on the indexing server, all searching servers will get an notification. Then searching servers will copy the new index to its own hard disk.

Basically it copies index over the network. It doesn't interrupt the searching and it will warm up the new index, switch on the new index, switch off the old index, and remove the old index.

How To Quickly Setup

Click on "Neighbors" link, discover any neighbors, and subscribe to any index.

How To Manually Setup

1. Make sure the index definition are the same on the 2 different computers, one is the client, the other is the server

You can download/upload the index definition to make sure they are the same

2. Go to the client's "Schedule" tab, save the URL for

Subscribe: Subscribe to index generated by another server.

Note: You don't need choose to "Enable Schedule for Indexing Action" or select "Subscribe: Subscribe to index generated by another server". You can schedule them later.

3. No step 3. You are already done. Optionally, you can go to dashboard to select "Fetch Subscribed Index", instead of waiting for the scheduler to kick in.


What we benchmarked is 1.2G index transmission taking less than 2 minutes, on a 100Mbit/s local network. Some simple math tells us index transmission is at 85Mbit/second. So the bottleneck is actually the network.