New Features

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Reading through the change log is not so quick. Here are some new features we think you should know.

Table of contents

Time-Based Ranking

Database is always changing and you want new content to rank higher. Time-Based Ranking can let you order new stuff to the first result page.

Reserved Words

It's hard to make some analyzers to recognize special words like "C++", "C#". Reserved Words can let you customize words that you simply want users to search.

Super efficient multi-valued Facet Search

Tagging is popular. Now it's very memory-efficient and speedy to count how many matches for each tags.

Facet Search on numbers

You can configure numbers to a set of ranges, like $0~25, $25~50, and use it for narrow by search.

JSP rendering + DBSight javadoc

JSP was supported long time ago, but previously java doc is missing. Now DBSight ships with the Java doc. Although it is pretty simple, it should help you to get through the variable's class names.