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DBSight is an online full-text solution for relational databases. Its feature-packed out-of-the-box installation allows IT professionals to setup, run, and maintain their online full-text searches on any relational databases with minimum effort.

DBSight combines easy configuration with high performance from Lucene to provide a customizable and open index-format platform.

With no restrictions or special requirements, DBSight is able to run on any J2EE application server, on any database that JDBC supports, on any OS which includes, but not limited to, Linux, Solaris, BSD, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

Table of contents

What do I need to do?

DBSight is a highly customizable full-text search platform for relational databases.

It's shipped in a deployable J2EE war file. After you deploy it on any Java application server, you need to use the web inteface to Configure which database to connect to Use SQL to select from tables Tweak each column's index definition Choose a template to render search UI

That's all! Just schedule it and you can have a professional looking search page. What's more, you can continue to customize it to your taste.

DBSight can handle several data sources, and each data source can have several result templates.

What does DBSight do for you?

Inside DBSight, it will

  1. crawl the database tables
  2. maintain an up-to-date index
  3. receive queries in http requests
  4. render results in HTML, XML, or other formats, based on your chosen or modified tempates

Executive Summary of DBSight Features

  1. Flexible SQLs retreival mechanism, suited for any data structure, including legacy systems
  2. No coding is needed to setup a search
  3. Incremental Indexing
  4. Highly scalable
  5. Highly customizable: ranking algorithms, indexing optimization, content analysis, result rendering
  6. Look and Feel can be easily customized, one index can have several results templates
  7. Can live on its own server, separate previously resource-heavy search function from the main server
  8. Does not need to crawl and slow down your own web server
  9. Cost-effective! Imagine how long it'll take to develop a fault-tolerant, high concurrency and flexible database search system with costly consultants!

When DBSight is good for you?

  • When you have an old content system stored in database, and you don't want to or can not change the code. But you really want to give full-text search to users!
  • When you have a large database that keeps updating, and users want to do full-text search with up-to-date search results!
  • When you want to add search function to your web application!
  • When you need to search on several databases!
  • When you want to rank the search results in your own way!
  • When you want to control what users can search, rather than having online search engines to choose their favorites at their convenience.
  • When you want to beat Google with your own data!