Instructions to Upgrade

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Upgrading within 2.x or 1.x

Just unzip or reinstall the latest DBSight version should be enough.

Upgrading to 2.0

Generally speaking, it's not safe to simply unzip the latest dbsight 2.0 version onto dbsight 1.x. It's better to have a clean 2.x installation, and upload the index configurations to the new instance, and maybe do a DBSight restart.

If you added customized jdbc driver, you will need to add them again since the jdbc driver location is changed.

And you may need to adjust scheduling, etc.

The Velocity based templates still kind of works. But if you are using narrowBy feature for facet search, you may need to scaffold the template again, due to API changes.

Upgrading Notes

Upgrading to 2.1.3

The time field format is changed to support time before 1970. So if you upgrade to 2.1.3, the index need to be re-created.

Do not rely on Application Server's Auto Deploy

Application servers will delete the previous directory before unzipping the new war file. DBSight stored the data in the directory that application servers going to delete. So most of the data will be lost if you simply deploy a new war file.

To prevent this, you can follow one of the the instructions in the page.

* Unzip the dbsight.war manually(Recommended)

  1. Shutdown the application server
  2. Rename the "dbsight.war" to ""
  3. go to web application directory, where you see a lot of *.vm files, README.TXT, and "WEB-INF" directory
  4. Unzip the renamed "" to this directory
  5. Start the application server

* Or Rename the new war file

  1. Rename the war file, "dbsight.war", to "dbsight1.war"
  2. Deploy the new war file
  3. Copy old data manually, including "/templates" directory, and "/WEB-INF/data/" directory. Also, if you have adjusted the database driver, be sure to put the new driver in the "/WEB-INF/lib/ext/jdbc/" directory.