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How to update document ranking?

In database if you have a column of number, you can use the number as a Boost Factor for the document.

In "Data Source" -> "SQL Queries" -> "Step 2: Configure Columns", you can set the column's Field Type to be either Keyword + Boost Factor or Only as Boost Factor.

The value will be retrieved when the document is updated.

The Boost Factor is effective for one whole document, including all of its fields.

How to update field weight?

If you want to boost a specific field, you can configure in page: "Configure Search" -> "Searchable Columns", on field "Search Weight".

The value will be effective right away.

How to delete documents?

In 1.2.7, one action is added:<indexName>&q=...

q can be any query string input as common search query. So it can be                                #delete documents from index abc that matches "Java"[2006/03/15,)            #delete from index abc where updated_at >= 2006/03/15

Actually, you can literally go to dashboard to search any documents to be deleted, and when you saw the documents to be deleted, simply change the "" in the URL to "", and press "enter", then the documents you just searched will be deleted.

Also, you can use "Advanced SQL", to select primary keys that you want to keep, or you don't want to keep, in the index.