Enterprise Features

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Manageable Database Settings

Usually you don't want to give out database accesses to any developers, and tell everyone when access is changed.

Now you can simply change WEB-INF/data/dbsight.properties file, to store a list of database access.

For each environment, like production or dev or staging, the dbsight.properties file can be different.

This file will not get overwritten when DBSight is re-installed or upgraded.

DBSight will not overwrite data source, schedules, and remote subscription URL

When applying new index configuration from dev to stage or production environments, you just need to upload the index configuration.

The development environment settings are often different from those in production. For example, very often, in "Enterprise" environments, people will get uncomfortable when developers get to know the database password of production databases. Another example is that the indexing schedule can be very different.

DBSight has a feature that it will automatically merge the old settings with updated index configuration. The settings DBSight pays attention to are:

  1. data source setting
  2. scheduling setting
  3. remote index replication setting.

So all you need to do is to upload the new index configuration file to the new environment.